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Fall 2017

Baba Ali Mackenzie Younger
Baba Ali and Mackenzie Younger

Spring 2017

One-Offs / Early Experiments 

Jacket Material: Nylon, mixed fabric linings, embroidery, variabel zipper

Exhibition: Jackets 9.18–10.12.2017 at Special Special, NYC

Sold exclusively through Special Special


Mackenzie Younger Art
White Jacket Mackenzie Younger
Photo by Mumbi O'Brien 

Photo by Mumbi O'Brien 

Black Jacket.jpg
Pink Jacket Mackenzie Younger
Matisse and Mariangela.jpg
Mackenzie Younger MoMA
cai guo-qiang Mackenzie Younger
Red Jacket.jpg
Cai and MY_Basel.jpg
Photo's by Mumbi O'Brien

Photo's by Mumbi O'Brien

Mackenzie Younger / Mumbi O'Brien
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